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About us

Polish toys since 1959

Tullo is a family-run company in which the secrets of manufacturing marvellous and bringing joy toys have been handed down from father to son. Everything started in 1959. Since nearly 60 years Tullo has been supporting children's development and providing opportunities for having great fun.

We set new trends

The history starts in 1946, when Mieczysław Abramczuk run his business connected with plastics processing. He and his wife created a term "piszczek" while observing their son who was playing a self-made squeaky toy.

In 1978, their son, Marek Abramczuk, began manufacturing toys with his partner, a classmate from the school years. In 1981, Marek Abramczuk took over the company from his father. In 1992, he created a new brand A&P and from 2002 the products were manufacturing under the name "AM Zabawki". In 2017, a time for changes came and Tullo has been created.

We introduce new products

In 2003, the company began manufacturing dog toys. Nefi is a brand which aims at providing great fun, proper and healthy grow of our four-legged friends.

Tullo has been offering massage, rehabilitation, fitness,yoga accessories as well as rubber rings for playing Ringo game since 2006.

In 2017, Tullo introduced new sensory toys for infants on the market.

The current offer consists of:

  • squeaky toys,
  • bathing toys,
  • rattles,
  • teethers,
  • jumping animal toys,
  • sensory toys,
  • rubber rings for playing Ringo game,
  • massage and rehabilitation accessories,
  • dog toys.


All these products guarantee completely safe fun and active growth owing to the fact that they have been designed in accordance with applicable EU directives and standards. Our strict quality control system at each production stage contributed to gain the trust of many parents as well as business partners across Europe.